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Shaolin Qi Gong

Shaolin Nei Jing Yi Zhi Chan Qi Gong

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Shaolin Nei Jing Yi Zhi Chan Qi Gong (aka Shaolin Qi Gong)

Qi Gong is a valuable asset of the Chinese culture.  It is like a lustrous pearl of the Chinese medical profession. Its origin dated back centuries ago.


One of the bright stars in the Qi Gong world is Shaolin Nei Jing Yi Zhi Chan Qi Gong (Shaolin Chan Gong in short). It is an advanced Qi Gong method of Buddhism. This Chan style of Buddhist originated from Bodhi Dharma, the founder of the Chan School. Dharma was the 28th generation founder of the Indian Zen.  He came to China to do missionary work during the Northern and Southern Dynasties (420 D.C. to 589 D.C.), and then became the founder of Chinas Zen.


Shaolin Chan Gong is the top-notch Kung Fu of China's Mecca of Buddhism, the famous Shaolin Monastery in Song Shan, Henan Province.  It was always passed verbally onto the Chief Monastery and a selected few and was never allowed to be taught to the public.


Had it not been for Master Que Ah Shui (1918-1982) aka Wen Yuan Da Shi, who introduced Shaolin Chan Gong to the world in the 60S, no one would have known that this top-notch Qi Gong existed. Que Ah Shui was born in Suzhon Weitang to a very poor family. He became a monk when he was 8 years old because his family could not afford to raise him. At that time, there were two Shaolin Monasteries; one located in Song Shan in Northern China and the other one in Fujian Putian in Southern China. Que Ah Shui was the Chief Monk at the Southern Shaolin Monastery and he mastered Shaolin Chan Gong whilst there.


In traditional Chinese culture, it is pivotal to have offspring and pass on ones family name. Qui Ah Shui was the only son in the family and was asked by his parents to give up celibacy as a monk in order to continue the family name. Owing to this reason, Que Ah Shui had the opportunity to introduce and teach Shaolin Chan Gong in Shanghai, and spread it all over China in the 1960S. The spreading of Shaolin Chan Gong must be credited to Master Que Ah Shui.


Master Que Ah Shui taught Shaolin Chan Gong verbally and individually. He did not allow his learners to take note as he was forbidden to do the same from his masters. As a result, no one knows whether he had taught everyone the same thing or whether he had taught each of his disciple/learner differently. In fact, there were proof later indicated what a disciple/learner learned is very much difference from that of other disciples/learners. 


Shaolin Chan Gong has marvelous effects. Learners are not required to concentrate their attention to "dan tian" while practicing. All of the body channels (or meridians) will be automatically cleared up during the standing method (Zhan Zhuang). The practicing process is so natural that one can even watch TV, listen to music or have a conversation with others while practicing Shaolin Chan Gong. As the Shaolin Chan Gong practice does not require mind concentration, it is safe and can never go wrong, unlike other Qi Gong.


Since Shaolin Chan Gong originated from Buddhism, all the standing methods are based on Arhat. There are no Standing methods based on animals. In addition, there are spontaneous dynamic Qi Gong (see video below) and fingers/toes bending methods/practices within Shaolin Chan Gong. This active/passive combination of practices enables one to reach a higher level Qi Gong faster than usual. 


Shaolin Chan Gong can be practiced by both genders and all ages, especially those who have internal sickness. The benefits of practicing Shaolin Chan Gong include a healthier body, self healing and feeling the development of Qi within the body in a short period of time (ranging from a few days to a month). After intense practices and learning, one can use the Qi as self-defense and beam Qi to heal others. Others can even use their Qi to detect what type of sickness a sick person has. This type of capability comes from Buddhisms wisdoms. However, Qi Gong cannot heal every sickness. The effectiveness of healing also depends on the Qi Gong Masters capability.


For those who like to master Qi Gong, one has to choose the right type of Qi Gong and a skilled Qi Gong Master. Teaching directly or indirectly from a skilled Qi Gong Master will have drastically different results. One has to respect modern medicine and use Qi Gong where appropriate to complement what cannot be healed by modern medicine.


There are ample examples of sicknesses that can be healed by Qi Gong. Please refer to the Known Curable Diseases section of this site.


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