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Testimony by our various patients/students...
August 1990 Tony Song, Calgary, AB

I started Qigong practice since June 1990; not because of any health issue, but just to accompany my relative. 

I was practising at Master Zhang’s place 3 times a week.  I followed Master Zhang’s instruction and practise very hard at home as well, a few hours per day.

In August 1990, my body started to get loose.  During meditation, I was patting myself to guide energy through my whole body.  Because I was so noisy during meditation, I was often asked to meditate in another room, away other classmates.

Also in late August 1990, I joined Master Zhang and Philip Wong for a trip to Victoria, BC.  There Master Zhang was giving a workshop to a group of local people.  I opened my third eye and developed other special abilities during this trip.  It was a wonderful experience. 

After returning to Calgary, I kept practise and often helped Master Zhang with interpretation during practise and treatment.  

After Master Zhang moved to Vancouver, we still kept a group of students practised together.  From time to time, we travel to Vancouver to visit Master Zhang and have intensive practice.

January 1998 Geraldine H. Moyor, Vancouver, BC

I had very painful lower back pain, and low energy and chronic fatigue.  The problems were corrected after several treatments, and I am most pleased to share this testimony.

I have recommended Master Zhang to many of my friends who have also had excellent results with their health problems.

It has been a privilege and a blessing to be associated with Master Zhang.


March 1998 Marie-Lou Mooites Meursing, Vancouver, BC

Dear Master Zhang,

I am sorry I can’t talk to you directly but like to put a few points on paper (for some one to translate) in order to communicate my thoughts.

I recognize you as a very special teacher helping and allowing me to unfold my innate spiritual potential in a safe place and at my own pace.

When I first came 3 years ago I needed help with my illness but I have gone long beyond that since.

Qigong is not only a preventive method of healing for me but has grown into a deep spiritual experience where I recognize my ultimate connection with the Universe and have learned to experience the joy, beauty and strength of my own being. 

Your gentle, loving guidance has helped me walk through my fears, enable me to drop my “mask” and get closer to my pure being.

I feel free and unattached.  I love and approve of myself.  I love life and I love people.

I honor you, respect you and feel a deep affection for you.

I thank you for being a channel for my spiritual unfoldment and personal growth and like to express my gratitude with my tithing to the Budda’s.


November 1999 Marie-Lou Mooites Meursing, Vancouver, BC

When I first met Master Zhang 4 years ago I was very sick and I had acute inflammatory arthritis.  After 20 daily sessions the pain was nearly gone and I had my energy back.  I looked a lot healthier and had a sense of wellness. I continued healing on my own by coming to class every week.  I developed my own inner Chi by practicing daily and have not have serious health problems ever since. I firmly believe in the healing energy of Qigong and will continue to practice for the rest of my life.


January 2000 Marie-Lou Mooites Meursing, Vancouver, BC

After 20 treatments with Master Zhang approx. 4 years ago I got rid of my energy blockage and subsequent tiredness, aches and pains.  Master Zhang is a powerful healer, who has helped me a lot. I still go for treatments sometimes to help with my circulation and to give me energy.


January 2000 Janis Cloggett, Vancouver, BC

I have had several sessions with Master Zhang.  I had a weaned immune system due to years of bad food, toxic habits and stress.  I also had a cyclical depression and hormonal imbalance.  I now have increased energy, less hormonal problems and am much more in harmony; body, mind and spirit.  Master Zhang is an incredibly powerful healer with a gift that cannot be compared to anyone else. I have recommended several people to Master Zhang and will continue to do so.  My life is better because of Master Zhang.  Thank you very much.

Communication Problem:  I would love to communicate better with Master Zhang.


January 2000 Maeghan Henke, Vancouver, BC

I came to Master Zhang because of chatting with my friend Nerissa Suen.  I have been having excruciating pain in my right hip and down my right leg.  I would say it is 90% better.  I have gone to chiropractors, massage physio to no avail.  My back problems have also improved.  I very much more interested in improving my overall health and the treatments though subtle are helping me with improved eating (gone to macrobiotics) and my general mental health has improved in that I’m more clam. My poster is improving.

Communication Problem: Yes.  I would like to be able to have someone interpret for him and me.  As to what changes he has noticed and I would like to tell him of other health challenges.  I would like to work on. (Allergies for one).


April 2000 Jim Gusa, Vancouver, BC

As difficult to put into words how I feel after seeing Master Zhang, it’s a combination of feelings.  There is a strong sense of balance and inner peace.  At the same time, I feel strong and powerful.  Another experience, particularly during this session, was a strong sense of joy or happiness. To the point where I was laughing during that session.  Overall, through my experience with Master Zhang, I realize how powerful Qigong is and how at peace once can feel.  I know I am very lucky to have met Master Zhang and am thankful I have been able to learn and experience Qigong.


November 1999 Wendy Panton, Vancouver, BC

I am a registered nurse who has been involved in complementary healing practices for many years.  I first met Master Zhang shortly after he came from Shanghi.

I studied with him in Calgary and was disappointed when he moved.  Once I decided to move to Vancouver, he was the first person I contacted and have been coming to classes every week since June 1997.

Master Zhang is the most powerful healer I have ever met.  No matter what my problem-bronchitis, sprained ankle, indigestion, and shortness of breath- he cures it in 1-3 sessions.


January 2000 Wendy Panton, Vancouver, BC

Master Zhang is a very powerful healer.  His Qi Gong treatment is very helpful. I feel his energy is very strong.  When he works on me I feel the energy move and fell much better after each treatment.

He has cured many ailments in a very short time- sprained ankle, bronchitis, sore, stiff joints and muscles.


June 2003 Jill Fraser, Vancouver, BC

A truck hit me in October 2000 and it was not until the spring of 2003 when I felt health again.  Master Zhang treated me for whiplash 2 sessions a week for 2 months and then 1 session a week for 1 month in the spring of 2003.  Now June 2003, I have regained my vibrancy, muscular strength and ease of movement in my body.  I am happier again and the qigong treatments with Master Zhang definitely contributed to my healing.  I am grateful to him.


June 2003 Gary Somers, Vancouver, BC

Master Zhang is a very talented accomplished healer.  Master Zhang has brought harmony, energy and balance to my being and I am very grateful.  Master Zhang is now an integral part of my good health and I am thankful for his treatment.  I highly recommend Master Zhang for qigong treatment to everyone and no matter their age or condition even as prevention now and in the future.


July 2003 Kris Tung, Vancouver, BC

I came to see Master Zhang for my stomach problem.  I could not eat and sleep and my throat was very tight.  My body was numb and I had lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks.  After the 10 treatments, I have experienced a great improvement in my health.  I had regained strength and I could eat again.  It’s a miraculous experience.  I think Master Zhang has given some very positive chi to my being, and consequently improved my mood and overall health.  Now I’m taking Urigong classes with Master and have been improving my general well being.