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Shao Lin Nei Jing Yi Zhi Chan Lessons on a CD - Written by Grand Master Zhang Jing Fa

This lesson CD contains a 4 months Shao Lin Nei Jing Yi Zhi Chan course. The 4 months lesson features a total of 8 Arhat standing methods, 3 finger bending methods and 4 special finger bending methods.  There are detail instructions on how to perform each stands as well as how to do finger bending methods. A pitcure illustration for each stand is also included. (Photos of each Arhat standing methods are recently added)
Most importanly, the lesson CD is blessed by Garnd Master Zhang and that alone is a treasure to own. You can feel the energy from the CD.


The cost of this lesson CD is US$295. To acquire this CD, please contact Each CD has a unquire key and the key will be email to the purchaser once the money order is received.