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Shaolin Qi Gong

A Brief Introduction

A Brief Introduction
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More details about Shaolin Qi Gong

Shaolin Qi Gong includes the two most powerful Qi Gong techniques: Tibet Tean Buddnism M Zng (Min Tzong) and Shaolin Nei Jing Yi Zhi Chan Qi Gong. Therefore, Shaolin Qi Gong is also known as Shaolin Chan M Qi Gong

Our Tibet Buddhism M Zng  practice originated from Tibet. It offers the most powerful Qi powers. At the Guru level, one can achieve 6 super-natural powers. They represent 6 stages of achievements of Dhyana or Zen Buddhists. These stages also represent the ultimate Qi Gong experiences. The following are the 6 stages of achievement (in ascending order):
  1. Deva-Vision: Instantaneous view of anything, anywhere in the form-realm
  2. Deva-Hearing: Ability to hear any sound anywhere
  3. Other's-Heart: Ability to know the thoughts of all other minds
  4. Tell-Life: Knowledge of all former existence of self and others
  5. Travel-Beyond: Power to be anywhere or do anything at will. Similar to Astro Travel
  6. Nothing-and-All: All of above and in the league of beings above and beyond common

Our Shaolin Nei Jing Yi Zhi Chan Qi Gong  practice originated from the South Shaolin temples, located in the hills of Fu-Chian Province. It is well known for its development and teachings of martial arts and healing arts.

Our main Qi Gong training is based on Arhats 'postures' or 'stands'. There are a total of 500 famous Arhats, and our 'postures' or 'stands' are named after them. Arhats are saint or perfect men of Hinayana.

Our Mission

Our mission is to further promote our Shaolin Qi Gong to the general public. Grand Master Zhang Jin Fa strives to make a difference by assisting and educating the public and expanding our reach. Practising Shaolin Qi Gong will make everyone  healthier, and lead to a happy and enjoyable life.