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Grand Master Zhang Jing Fa


Grand Master Zhang Jing Fa is an internationally renowned Shaolin Nei Jing Yi Zhi Chan Qi Gong Grand Master. In China, he is a Grade 1 (highest level) Qi Gong Master and is cosnideted to be a "national treasure".




Grand Master Zhang learnt Qi Gong from Dao Jia when he was young and became a disciple of Que Ah Shui for more than 30 years.  He has mastered the essence of Que Ah Shuis Qi Gong. 


Grand Master Zhang has the knowledge of a few hundred Arhat standing methods. Every Arhat standing method is named after an Arhat so each one of them is unique.


After the death of Que Ah Shui, Grand Master Zhang became a disciple of Qing Ding Shang Shi, who was the Chief Monk of Shao Jue temple in Cheng Du. The form of Qi Gong taught by Qing Ding Shang Shi is called Mi Zong, which he learnt from the Great Great Grand Master Nun Hai Shang Shi.  Nun Hai Shang Shi learned Mi Zong from the Great Great Great Grand Master Guru Kong Sa Ba.


In additional to Arhat stands, Grand Master Zhang knows a few hundred Zuo Chan and Shou Yin methods. Zuo Chan method is a combination of sitting with the legs crossed, bottom of the feet facing in an upward position, and the hands placed in various forms. Shou Yin is practised with various special Mantras and deep concentration. These actions promote the inner vibration of various meridians of the body and accelerate blood flow. It would make a big difference if one does not recite the various Mantras when practising Shou Yin.  These ancient Qi Gong methods produce marvellous results and benefits to the human body.


Through more than 60 years of practice and teaching, Grand Master Zhang has accumulated tremendous Qi Gong experience. He has not only trained many Qi Gong Masters, but also made significant contribution to the scientific research of Qi Gong.

In a 1989 Japanese book entitled 100 Well Known Acupuncturists and Qi Gong Masters in Modem China, Grand Master Zhang was recognized as one of the 39 Qi Gong Grand Masters. The book also documented the experimental results when Grand Master Zhang emitted Qi to an experimental lab mouse. Grand Master Zhang also worked with Professor Liu De Fu, who worked at the No. 2 Shanghai hospital, to present those experimental results at a World Qi Gong Symposium.



In Shanghai China, Grand Master Zhang was one the directors of Shanghai Qi Gong Recovery and Rehabilitation Research Center and was the Instructor in charge of the Shaolin Nei Jing Yi Zhi Chan School, which is part of the Centre. During that time, Grand Master Zhang had taught over 10,000 students. He has a number of disciples in Shanghai, and all have achieved high level Qi Gong. 


After Grand Master Zhang immigrated to Canada, he has taught many students. These students have helped promote this age old Qi Gong to both Chinese Canadians as well as Canadians at large. Recently, Grand Master Zhang has taught a number of disciples in Toronto. They are Michael and Jeannie Wong, Tim and Cindy To.  These disciples now practise and teach Shaolin Chan Mi Qi Gong in Toronto.


In Calgary, there are Grand Master Zhangs' students (both Chinese Canadians and other Canadians) that can see the Qi in ones body. Some can remotely detect Qi accurately during a telephone conversation. It is so incredible that only the recipients who experienced the process can accept this paradigm.


Another example is to use certain types of tree to give and receive Qi. The trees are living things.  They can give out good Qi and take away your bad Qi. This is because some trees are cold (Yin) and some trees are hot (Yang). If your body is cold, you need a hot tree to give you hot Qi and take away your cold Qi and vice versa. For sickness because of poison, you will need the right type of poison to clear the sickness. Chinese medicine is also based on these principles.


Grand Master Zhang wishes to promote Shaolin Nei Jing Yi Zhi Chan Qi Gong and Mi Zong to the world. He would like to have more people know about the benefits of this Qi Gong and how powerful it can be. Lets help make this Qi Gong a bright star become even brighter in the world of Qi Gong. Lets spread this Chinese wonder to the world to let more people benefit from it by having good health and living longer.